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MASALONG Kni104 Very good balance of Claw Combat Handle Karambit Tactiacal Hunter Knife

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Product Description
this is double edged karambit knife
Length: 18CM (7inch)
Blade length: 8CM (3.1inch)
Handle length: 11CM (4.3inch)
Thickness: 0.5CM
Blade material: D2 / Damascus / 5Cr
Hardness: 58-60HRC
Surface: the vicissitudes of stone wash + sanding
Knife Sheath: Sheaths
Weight: 190g (single-knife)
Tool holder:Handle: Black G10
Adjustable leather case and gift box 
sheath Two options
:A,leather sheath( Comfortable)
B,Kydex sheath, hard And you can change the left and right hand straps. 

This is a true sense of the tactical fighting claws knife.
Perfect inside blade curvature, both in the back arc and back teeth and back teeth, 
modeling beautiful structure, great battle with the future of the feeling of cold weapons.
Almost in any fighting conditions, any angle posture,
can successfully complete the attack action requirements, Such a shape, structure, tactical use, 
heat treatment process are called the top of the claw knife, 
more with a very good collection and the value of play.

The package includes: 
1 × MASALONG Tactical Knives + Sheath 


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This is a very nice knife for the price. It is very sharp, and very well crafted. All the lines are clan, but the handles scales are not completely flush in a few spots, but it is not a big deal to me. My hands are large, 8.5" long, I wear a size 9 in a glove, but I have very slender fingers. The ring is large enough that both knuckles will fit through, although I do not hold it that way. It fits nicely in my hand, but if you have really big hands, or sausage fingers you will find it too small for you. The kydex sheath was very easy to reverse. It came oriented so that if you wear it on your right hip, the ring is pointing toward your back, so you cannot draw it reverse grip. All you need is a phillips screwdriver to take the screws out and turn it over the other way. Unfortunately the sheath is super tight, making it impossible to draw quickly. I am going to use my heat gun to remedy this. I am very pleased overall, this knife is a bargain at $40. I have seen knives that cost $200 that have nothing on this one.

This is one fine Karambit

This knife takes forever to arrive, but this is an exceptional knife. It is just about a perfect size for carrying yet fits my big hands fine. Sharp as hell on both sides. All I can say is WOW, at the quality of this for the price. It would be a wonderful gift as it comes in a fitted, padded box with a place cut out for the knife and a separate place for the sheath which is also Very nice. This just screams quality. Extremely satisfied. Would buy again. Just be patient as it takes weeks to arrive, but totally worth the wait.

Fantastic karambit, definitely 5 stars!

I currently own 2 karambits of this brand. I have the chicken crown claw which is much larger and i have this one. While i do like the larger one, this one is considerably more versatile. Pros: >Came fairly sharp and delivery was early. >The double edged blade can be helpful in different situations such as the typical cutting and slicing. >Smaller size makes this one much easier to conceal and carry. (Always check your areas legislature for carrying a weapon either concealed or visible.) >Very lightweight allowing for quick slashes. >As with most karambits, it has a finger ring/loop. Which, when held properly, makes it difficult to drop and/or get disarmed by an attacker. It is an anchor basically. >This karambit is full tang, which is always a plus for me. Also the tang is not raised much from the handle, so it is fairly comfortable. Be advised, the handle is small so if you have large hands, i wouldn't suggest you get this one. Cons: >Being a double edged knife, one must be very careful when handling it, unless you want to slice open your finger. But that said one should ALWAYS be careful when handling a knife in any way. >Personally, i don't spin or "flip" karambits, but i wouldn't recommend trying with this one. Not safe. >I don't particulary like the serrations on the top of the blade, not my thing but may come in handy someday. All in all i love this knife! It has almost everything i could desire in a karambit: full tang construction, double edge, factory edge is fairly sharp, a handle that fits my hands, and choice of leather or plastic sheaths. (I prefer the hard plastic, holds it well and is adjustable). Only gripe i have are the serrations but it is not too big a problem.

Rugged outdoors utility & self-defense knife. kydex sheath adds great versatility.

I found out about this type of self-defense knife from watching "Forged in Fire" and learning more about judge Doug Marcaida's specialization in both Filipino martial arts and the use of karambits. I chose to pick up a pair of these Masalong brand karambits after reading a number of "Best Karambit" lists that gave the brand high marks for quality, durability, and affordability. The biggest thing that stood out to me in those reviews was that, being made from D2 steel and having additional features in the double-blades that regular karambits don't have, instead of being designed strictly for self-defense, this specific brand and model is aimed at the outdoorsperson and wilderness survivalists. Making it a functional utility knife build with durability and edge retention in mind. The first Masalong I got came in the leather sheath. The second one I decided to get with the kydex sheath. Of the two sheath options, I definitely favor the kydex one. Kydex is the same material that gun holsters are made out of and, like a gun holster, this kydex sheath is designed for fast access. The molding of the sheath is a perfect match to the shape of the knife blade and handle to allow for a very secure fit. It "pops" firmly into place ... but is still easily withdrawn. The other nice feature that I like in particular is the versatility of the sheath due to the removeable nature of the belt loop structure. In addition to allowed for it to be removed entirely, the belt loop on the sheath can easily be mounted on either side of the sheath itself ... making it a left- or right-handed option. This gives someone the options of choosing between the left hip, the right hip, or the lower back ... and then deciding which direction the handle would face. Additionally, the belt loop is designed so that two of them could be worn side-by-side along the lower back. By comparison, while the leather sheath is very sturdy, it is also quite limited. It does not have a belt loop like I had expected it to have. It has a strap and snap to secure the knife tightly in the sheath and the secure nature of the snap does make it very unlikely that it would accidentally come unfastened and allow the knife to fall out. But, the sheath itself then only has 2 holes at the top so that it can be attached to something else. However, the survival knives I've had with sheaths designed to be strapped to a leg had a corresponding strap hole at the point end of the sheath two so it could be tied in place at both the top and the bottom. In Googling "leather knife sheath", I wasn't able to find any sheath that features these 2 holes like this. So, I'm not sure exactly how it was intended to be carried. I had assumed it had a leather belt loop and was disappointed to learn it didn't. So, having now gotten a 2nd one with the kydex, I will be keeping an eye out for a kydex sheath by itself to replace that leather one. But, overall, the knives are the same so it came down to personal preference over the sheaths.

Sweet little knife

This is my first karambit, but I’m no stranger to the world of knives. This is, by all accounts, an excellent blade. D2 tool steel is some of the best non-powder metal knife steel around, with blade qualities ranging from serviceable to extraordinary based on the chemical makeup of the metal and heat treatment process. I’m guessing, based on this knife’s midrange price point, that it is mass produced without serious quality control on the heat treatment, so there is bound to be some variation between individual blades. I don’t know much about Masalong but I doubt I could compare their quality control and heat treatment with that of Benchmade or Kershaw, for example. However the brand does not make the blade, and only time will tell if the tempering was on point, pardon the double entendre.

I had to ding it one star for ergonomics. I have big hands and the hilt is still quite fat in my hands, although the shape is perfect. The sheath is really nice, but I was unable to align the screw holes for an ideal draw action. I’ll have to drill some special holes so it will sit in the right place on my belt.

Aside from that the ergonomics are beautiful. It sits comfortably in my hand and the index finger ring ends up in the perfect spot. These knives are meant to be held in a reverse grip, with the index finger going through the ring on the end. The ring sits right over the knuckle, which makes this knife excellent for blunt strikes as well. My current EDC is a switchblade, and I got this to serve as a functional, lethal, and legal alternative. In an actual life or death situation, I would take the karambit over a traditional blade any day.

The blade is double edged. The inside edge comes a lot sharper than the outside half serrated edge. Both edges meet in an absolutely wicked point that looks like it would have no trouble puncturing sheet metal. I haven’t put it through any real stress testing yet, but I’m also keeping in mind that this is a $40 knife. It seems to be a great value so far.

Arrived as promised

I haven't spent more than a couple of minutes with this product yet, so there may be further updates. Having said that - the package arrived when promised, in good condition. The box - as others have mentioned - has a form-fitting foam cutout that matches the knife and sheath perfectly. The knife itself came sheathed and wrapped in plastic up until the point, where about 1 to 1 1/2 inches of blade were unwrapped and exposed. Some light lubricant was on the blade and handle - not thick, just enough to preserve it.

Once I cleaned that off, I tried the sheath insert and release - it's tight. The blade isn't going to fall out any time soon. The belt clamp on the sheath is clearly reversible, and appears quite easy to switch.

Regarding blade sharpness... I took a sheet of paper and was easily able to slice it into strips using the primary edge of the knife. Smooth slices, not a hint of hang-up or tearing, so this knife comes perfectly sharp.

The spine edge is slightly less sharp than the primary edge, and won't cut paper - but I can assure everyone that it's more than sharp enough to cut leather, skin, etc. on that side. (Personally, I don't think the back edge needs to be paper-sharp.) The back-spine has the notches displayed in the image; these notches are as they appear in the image, quite sharp, effectively a double-sided serration. The two notches closest to the handle are likewise sharp - but their configuration is such that even if your thumb rides up on them, you won't get cut. (Not sure what practical value they have, unlike the primary serrations that would clearly slice into anything instantly.)

Regarding grip - I have large hands, and both the grip and the ring fit well. The blade size is 3.1 inches, as stated... I say this simply because the image gives no real sense of scale.

Overall, I can find no fault with the knife or sheath upon unboxing and initial handling. If there are no further updates, then I can state that this knife is absolutely worth the price.

***************************************** ETA 1/30/2019


A couple of things to note: First, I misspoke about the serration. The two serrations closest to the handle on both the spine and cutting edge are, as I said, double-sided. The other serrations (along the spine) further away from the handle are standard serrations, meaning flat on one side. I see this as a good thing, really, since it makes keeping those useful cutting serrations sharp fairly easy. As far as the four double-sided serrations go (spine and cutting side), I think they're either decorative, or perhaps useful for cutting cord/twine - maybe. :)

When I got the knife home, I repeated the paper test with the same results - cutting side of the knife sliced strips off without even the slightest issue. Spine side wouldn't cut the paper at all, but... as stated above, it's more than sharp enough to cut skin, leather, etc.

I did an additional test - shaving hair off my forearm. Yep, razor sharp on the cutting edge. :)

I have to say that this knife is exceptional. I have more expensive knives that aren't as good as this thing - and I may very well buy another Masalong because of it.

Full 5 stars, no change at all.

Stop thinking and buy it already! You won't be disappointed

I have owned this knife for over 4 months so I can give a honest review now to help anyone thinking about buying one. This is one terrific custom Karambit knife! I bought a couple before on Amazon some for more or less money but I quickly returned them as the steel was junk, they were only cool looking, or they were dull as my grandma's butterknife others only comfortable if held in one position.

This knife from its overall look to the fact it comes extremely sharp as well as comfortable either way you carry it and the quality steel holds an edge for a long time makes it outshine the others for similar price or even those a lot more expensive.

I own hundreds of knives and I can honestly say this is my favorite EDC knife. The Kydex holster is made very nice and keeps the knife secure and we'll hidden and avoids printing. The seller was extremely helpful as I wanted both the Kydex and leather holster for it and they have me a terrific price to include the both holsters.


If a weapon jambs or is unavailable due to location or fight for your life this knife is well made for self defense. Yes, it's a bit over the top as far as a box opener but if you want to get some attention or show off to your friends you certainly will do so with this beauty. I have spent over 10× more for a knife but this one is fantastic and though I wouldn't want it to IF it happens to get lost I wouldn't cry (much) over it kinda like when my Microtech was stolen 😭. I had to wait about a month to receive mine PLUS it was $20 more so it's nice to see their stocking it for 1 day delivery for Prime members like myself. As for the price reduction I'm surprised and probably buying the Damascus one, once I'm finished writing this. I see other buyers giving fewer stars but I can truthfully say that mine has been awesome in everyway, it's built nice but as all products your sure to come across a dud here and there BUT I would have to say with the helpful staff and quick answers and nice people I can't see them not backing up their product.

This is a great gift or item for knife lovers and especially law enforcement as I have been told that a Karimbit in the boot in a fight with a jambed weapon or perp who has knocked it away it can be a important last defence tool that can easily save their/your life and is hard to disarm from you with a finger in the ring! I'm happy to answer any questions from potential buyers or owners. But it's safe to say wether for yourself or gift to someone else it will most surely be appreciated!


Being an Ironworker/Welder, we use harnesses and high tinsel strength Nylon/Kevlar rigging everyday on the jobsite to protect ourselves and extremely heavy iron from falling. I needed a double edge blade with a full tang and good weight balance for safety reasons. Any structural welder will tell you that the thick leather gloves we use to weld, make it impossible to use a folding knife, without taking off the gloves first. This Karambit is the answer to that issue. It can easily be grasped with welding gloves on, and the thick, well balanced, double edged D2 steel and ergonomic grip will easily cut/slice through any nylon or kevlar rigging or harness if necessary. The kydex sheath is surprisingly well built with great retention. The clip, however is inefficient for EDC. This can easily be corrected by removing and replacing with a Vedder spring steel belt clip. In my opinion, they are one of the toughest steel belt clips on the market for the price. They lock firmly around the belt, and will not let go. I use them on all of my EDC kydex holsters. The only gripe I had about the sheath was the excess amount of kydex around the edges and near the grip made the sheath's IWB imprint a bit to noticeable for concealed carry... Some sandpaper or a barrel style dye grinder with sandpaper grit will solve this issue. By shaving down the profile of the sheath to where an 1/8" of kydex remained around the rivet holes, and a notch on the top near the grip greatly decreased its IWB imprint and allowed for a better grip of the handle when deploying. By attaching the Vedder steel clip to the top rivet notch, it allowed me to have the sheath sit lower around my waist and make the grip less noticable when CC... For added grip, I installed a inner threaded rubber bushing to one of the bottom rivet holes to act as a secondary, friction "claw" that not only aids in a smoother pull by gripping the inside of the waistband, but it also pushes the grip closer to the body, again decreasing IWB imprint. This is blade is not for beginners. If you don't know how to properly use a Karambit, then this blade will absolutely slice/pucture your body or wrist. Great Karambit for the price.

Exactly what I was looking for

This blade is everything that everyone is hyped about in the other reviews. One thing however that I didnt see in a review yet was the fact that there are several grommets for securing the sheath to the belt attachment and you are fully able to rotate the assembly around as you see fit. The blade is very well made. The edge is fantastic already from the factory (I decided to sharpen it a little more myself) and will do just the trick. The sheath is durable feeling and locks the knife in very nicely. All in all, you'd be hard pressed to find a knife as well made as this is for the price. Would definitely buy another one from this company.

The D2 is a big if but I love it!

Update: The Kydex sheath failed miserably. The knife fell out and almost cut my dogs toe off! I am returning it because the Karambit falls out of the sheath is certain positions. This is a deal breaker and took my 5 star review to a 1 star!

Original review: This knife is a huge if, if it's correctly done D2 steel than this knives is a steal. It fits in the hand perfectly, I would suggest it for small to medium hands. The blade shape is perfectly done for flipping and fighting.

It's sharp but could be sharper, it cuts paper but that's not a true test. it slides in and out of it's sheath very easily and smoothly. There are no problems taking it out.

It's a very well done karambit, at first the grip felt a tad chunky but you get used to it quick and it becomes comfortable. I've flipped it for hours and I'm really liking it.

The outside is sharpened somewhat in half serrations. The serrations are sharper than the edge but you could easily make the outside edge razor sharp.

I have this 5 stars on the fact it feels amazing in hand, it's well made and it's useable! The big "if" is pertaining to the actual steel. I'm going to use this Karambit, if the heat treat is bad and the blade breaks I will update accordingly. Also if the belt clip breaks easily I will update that too. So far the belt clip appears to be OK and allows for several positions of carry.

Initial impression are very good! Unlike the unicorn model that I sent back because the ring was horribly done and we completely destroy your finger. The ring on this knife is very smooth and makes flipping a pleasure. I personally think this is the best Karambit and their lineup.

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Alysa Douglas

สินค้า​ตรง​ตาม​สั่ง​ แพ็ค​กันกระแทกมาดีไม่มีเสียหาย วัสดุแข็งแรง​ ใบมีดคม

Jess Predovic

Good nif

Sonny Ferry

Arrived in Toronto in 22 days. Not bad since it's coming from China.

Love the product! Double edge blade and very sharp. Will buy another one.! I recommend to anyone who wants a good karambit as you won't disappointed!

Thank You again


Diego Muller

Very satisfied with the quality, extremely sharp out of the box, very nice packaging and arriving time, slightly smaller than expected but still very very good would buy again 100%

Alfonso Borer

Viene muy bien afilado y con el clip de enganche al cinturón, buena calidad.

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