We accept all major credit cards, as well as  [ Diners Club ] [ AmericanExp ] [ Discover ] [ JCB ] [ Mastercard ] [ Visa]  (subject to device compatibility).
[ Diners Club ] [ AmericanExp ] [ Discover ] [ JCB ] [ Mastercard ] [ Visa ]

All credit/debit cardholders are subject to validation checks and authorization by the card issuer.

If the issuer of your payment card refuses to, or does not for any reason, authorize payment then you will be notified of this immediately at the check-out stage.

In assessing your request for goods or services, our payment providers may use your information for the purposes of the prevention and detection of fraud.

For this purpose they may use your address and postcode details to verify the card is correctly registered to that address and use also verify details for general fraud prevention purposes.

In performing these checks, your personal information will remain secure.

At the time of placing your order, we will only take a payment authorisation on your card or Paypal account.

The actual funds will be captured only when your order is ready to despatch.

In some infrequent cases, certain banks and credit card providers may show two entries in your statement:

The first entry for the payment authorisation on the date you placed the order and

The second entry for the funds released on the date we shipped your items.

While indicating two entries may appear confusing, please rest assured that you will only be charged onceand only one entry will be affecting your account balance.

In case of any doubt, we recommend contacting your bank for further clarification.

Note: Please fill in your  information carefully and keep it true when placing an order.
1.If payment result "Do Not Honor".pls contact your issuing bank to prove yourself paying then release,after authorizing pls inform us to deduct payment again.
2.If payment result "High-risk". pls show front 4 digital number and last 6 digital number picture and we will send to issuing bank again for confirmation.

payment failure factors based on the following errors:

Because the deduction bank will provide different results, generally failed orders will display the following reasons (note: Shopify does not have a re deduction mechanism, and can be processed based on the reason for the failure before placing a new order for payment):

1. Do not honor: Cardholder's phone authorization is required, and the issuing bank should be informed that the payment was made in person. Please release; After authorization, inform us that it is generally possible to successfully transfer the deduction again< br> 2. High risk failure: Credit card or ID photo needs to be provided, the middle number of the card can be blocked, and the first four and last six digits of the card number should be retained; If you are a regular customer of your website, providing previous successful deduction records can generally result in successful deductions again
3. Fraud suspicion: the bank will feed back the deduction results according to the payment information of the cardholder, for example, the cardholder pays too frequently or the amount of payment is too high in a short period of time, the cardholder's Consumer behaviour violates the bank's risk control rules, and the cardholder is listed as the bank's list of possible fraudulent transactions, so the bank rejected the transaction and suggested that it try to re place the order or change the card to pay
4. Expired card expiration/cancellation of credit card: It is recommended that the cardholder contact the bank or check if the validity period of the card has been filled in incorrectly.
5. Insufficient funds/over credit limit: If the balance is insufficient or the limit is limited, you can recharge or reorder and pay with a new card
6. Stolen Or Lost Card: It is recommended to place a new order and replace the card for payment.
7. Payment Declined Bank's feedback on the classification code for refusal of payment can be sent to the group with the serial number for specific investigation.
8. Invalid transaction: It is recommended that cardholders consult the issuing bank to see if there are any restrictions on the card, or if other types of cards do not support it, such as cards that can only be used for refueling. Such transactions are not allowed.
9. CVV2 failure Card security code failed: there will be a verification code on the back of the customer's card. It is recommended that the customer check the card information and place a new order to pay CVN is invalid
10. Canceled: Frequent payment submissions within 24 hours, risk control interception, failure to enter the system,