MASALONG MA-TY-019 Brass Mini Push Knife Sharp Self Defense Tool Pocket Knife Portable Keychain Unpacking and Delivery Knife

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Brass small push blade sloping style
Mini cute keychain pendant, made of brass material, genuine and affordable
Portable and sharp express delivery knife, carry it with you and be prepared for any unexpected situations

  • Knife unfolding length: 70mm, closing length: 48mm
  • Handle material: brass
  • Push button material: brass
  • Handle length: 48mm, width: 12mm, thickness: 5mm
  • Blade material: 7Cr steel
  • Blade length: 28mm, width: 9mm
  •  Net weight: 13 grams, gross weight: 15 grams 

Brass is meticulously handcrafted with no electroplating or other treatments on the surface, preserving the original texture of brass. Due to the characteristics of copper, it will gradually oxidize on its surface over time, forming a unique retro charm that is worth playing with carefully.