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Masalong kni255 Folding Knife, M390 Blade and TC4 Titanium Alloy handle Outdoor Folding Knife ,EDC Pocket Travel Camping Knife

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Sharp length of blade: 2.8in (7.28cm)
The length of the blade is 3.7inch, but we limit the sharp length of the blade to 2.8inch for your convenience under the rules of some states and provinces. Every design detail is made for more consumers.


Blade material: M390
M390 die steel is a kind of high chromium series Martian loose iron corrosion resistant steel. Its metallographic structure is a large number of chromium carbide and vanadium carbide particles, which are uniformly distributed on the substrate with Cr>12%. It has the advantage of high corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high polishing performance.



Length of titanium alloy handle: 4.2 in (10.8cm)
The hollow design of the handle is conducive to the ventilation and dryness of the hands. TC4 titanium alloy has the characteristics of light and hard, the surface is plated with molybdenum color, and the future feeling of mechanical soldiers.

Titanium is a very light but hard light metal, which is used in many machines for lighter weight.

Ceramic bearings, titanium back clamps. Generally, only the most high-end folding knives can use delicate materials for each accessory.


Net weight of knife: 0.258LB (117G)

Knife length: 7inch (18cm)

Package Box: 3.3 * 7 * 16cm Weight: 0.445LB (202G)
High grade gift boxes, lens wipes, and small cloth bags. If you give them to men, boyfriends, or husbands, fathers are very noble and sincere.

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