The Man Behind Masalong

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Masalong Founder

"Well, the overall design you drew is good, but this handle needs to be bigger because our customers have bigger hands and such a handle is too small for them; also, the mechanical design of this opening needs to be considered for a better design. This can ensure safe use and facilitate them to open and close quickly". Mr. Long, who was communicating with the designer, was staring closely at the computer monitor. Mr. Long is like two people at work and in life. He always strives for excellence and perfection in his work." There is no best, only better." is his mantra.

It has been 7 years since the birth of the Masalong brand. During these 7 years, he has sacrificed countless hours of rest to constantly think about how to improve the product to meet people's daily use habits. Once, he had a whim in the shower and then rushed out of the bathroom naked, mistakenly thought by his family as "crazy". Old friends around him often asked him, "You only sleep three or four hours a day. What is the purpose of working so hard every day?" He answered firmly, "For the love of it.

In life, Mr. Long is a humorous person and an adventure travel enthusiast who loves the outdoors. He was first introduced to Karambit when he traveled to the Philippines. At that time, he was returning from a dive on a beautiful island when he saw a gray-haired old man trying to tow a damaged kayak, but several attempts were unsuccessful. As a result, one end of the kayak was tied to a stake with nylon rope. The old man drew a machete from his waist and the thick nylon rope was quickly cut. When Long saw the uniquely shaped knife, he was immediately intrigued and asked the old man for the knife's name.

Masalong Boss

When he returned from his trip, he couldn't wait to search the website for information about the knife and was surprised to find that it had amazing advantages in cutting performance, short range aiming and grip stability. He wanted to share this great discovery with everyone. However, this knife was too expensive in the market and it was very difficult for the average person to get a quality carabineer at a reasonable price. This made Mr. Long, who was willing to share, very unhappy. A few days later, Mr. Long made a key decision in his life: "I will create a brand that will become the king of Karambit's value for money".

Only strong, durable, sharp and ergonomic Karambit can fulfill its mission and reflect professionalism, so the quality must be good. After a site visit to more than 60 production plants, Masalong finally chose two high-quality companies as long-term partners and three as backup suppliers. If we want more enthusiasts to be able to afford their favorite Karambit, we must strictly control the cost at every step of the process. In order to effectively control production costs, Masalong integrates upstream and downstream supply chains to form strategic alliances that complement each other and can respond quickly to customer needs.

Masalong's development depends not only on the founder, but also on all the users who support and love Masalong. Your voices and opinions are the inspiration for our product creation and design. It is our lifelong quest to make more products that will make your eyes shine.

Come on, let's see the positive feedback from users who buy our products, that's what keeps us going.

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