MASALONG MA-TY-055 Titanium alloy keychain knife, unboxing and unpacking, express delivery knife, men's waist hanging car keychain invisible insertion and extraction knife

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Titanium alloy keychain (hidden plug-in knife)

  • Main keychain material: titanium alloy
  • Material of small hanging ring: titanium alloy
  • Keychain length: 61mm (excluding the length of the small hanging ring below)
  • Keychain width: 26mm
  • Keychain thickness: 5mm
  • The introduction of hidden plug-in knives is as follows:
  • Handle material: 7Cr steel, length 34mm
  • Blade material: 7Cr steel, length 23mm
  • Main functions of the knife: unboxing and unpacking express delivery
  • Net weight of the product: 22 grams
  • Product gross weight: 30g