MASALONG MA-TY-011 Stainless Steel Art Knife Quick Open Mini Folding Knife Sharp Cutting Paper Knife Portable Keychain Portable Open Box Express Knife

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11 # stainless steel quick opening art knife

Each small knife comes with 10 No.11 blades. The blade is replaceable.

Use your thumb or press down on the gear to open the blade. At the beginning, it may require manual operation, but once proficient, it can be done with one hand

There is an arrow mark on the handle, which should be directed in the direction of the arrow. Don't reverse it, otherwise the knife won't open


  • Knife handle material: stainless steel
  • Knife holder material: stainless steel
  • Blade material: carbon steel (11th blade)
  • Knife unfolding length: 112mm, closing length: 70mm
  • Handle length: 70mm, thickness: 10mm, width: approximately 6.5mm
  • Blade length: 20mm, blade width: 7mm, blade thickness: 0.2mm (thin)
  • Net weight: 17 grams, gross weight: 28 grams


The blade is very sharp, and it is recommended that ordinary users use small pliers to remove or install the blade to avoid injuring themselves. Once proficient, use your hands

Blade removal method:

Lift the tail of the blade and pull it out

Blade installation method:

Align the slot of the knife holder, bend the blade head slightly with force (about 20 degrees), and push it inward