MASALONG MA-TY-022 Titanium alloy small scissors, mini nose hair scissors, round head, male and female universal nose hair trimmer, manual beard trimmer, eyebrow trimming

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Titanium alloy nose hair clippers
A mini pair of Q-shaped scissors that you haven't seen before, made entirely of titanium alloy material, meticulously carved and full of creativity. Flat head design, does not harm the nasal cavity.
Exquisite lifestyle, starting from "titanium", cutting nose hair should be unique
Pay attention to product size: the length is only 48mm, very small, please do not take photos if you mind
Product opening method: Do not forcefully open it. Pinch the gap at the tail with your nails, and the product can be opened

  • Material: Titanium alloy (except for screws, all others are made of titanium alloy)
  • Product length: 48mm
  • Product thickness: 4mm
  • Product closing width: 13mm
  • Product opening width: 23mm
  • Net weight of product: 5 grams