MASALONG MA-TY-021 Little Cute Stainless Steel Mini Knife Portable Pocket Knife Pocket Knife Keychain Pendant Open Box Express Knife

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Little Cute Pocket Knife
Product highlights:
Small - with a closing length of only about 4 centimeters, slightly larger than a one yuan coin, it is portable and a small cocoa love
Sharp - adept at unboxing and cutting paper
Play - A novel way of opening and closing, hold down the gear with your hand and press down the blade in the direction of the arrow to open it

  • Knife unfolding length: 60mm, closing length: 41.6mm
  • Blade material: 7Cr steel
  • Blade length: 18mm
  • Handle material: stainless steel
  • Handle length: approximately 41mm, width: 14mm, thickness: 7mm
  • Net weight: approximately 17 grams, gross weight: approximately 20 grams