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Masalong Fixed Blade Camping Knives EDC Tactical D2 Steel Blade Outdoor Heavy Duty Knife 241

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Overall length: 22cm(8.66inch)
Blade length: 9.5cm(3.74inch)
Blade thickness: 4mm(0.16inch)
Blade steel: D2
Handle material: G10
Scabbard: Kydex sheath
Knife weight: 176g(0.39LB)
With scabbard box weight: 268g (0.59LB)
Packaging: black gift box

Masalong's wilderness survival knife is extremely sharp and tough. It is made of high quality D2 steel blade. It is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, easily adapted to rain, snow and other extreme weather.
The tip of the knife is raised and thickened so that the blade does not break easily when chopping or cutting hard objects.
The full keel design of the blade not only increases the stability and durability of the blade, but also the tail hammer can be used as a window-breaking tool in case of emergency.
The high-end G10 fiberglass non-slip handle can withstand great force without deformation, and also has good insulation and acid and alkali resistance.


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