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MASALONG kni125 Sharp Hunting Tactical Survival Outdoor Straight Knife Of Super Hardness

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Product Description

Full length: 21.6CM (probably 8.5inch)

Blade length: 9.8CM (probably 3.9inch)

Blade width: 3.3CM (probably 2.6inch)

Blade thickness: 0.38CM (probably 0.15inch)

Net amount: about 180g

Blade: DC53

Hardness: 60-61HRC (vacuum heat treatment)

Surface: sanding (white style)or Vicissitude Stone wash(black style)

Handle material: hand guard G10+ tool holder G10

Scabbard: K sheath

Packed black gift box, knife blade with CNC grinding open V

The handle G10 is delicate (all hand-polished, the handle can be

nailed to strengthen the glue)

G10 is (a composite material made of glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin)

G10 features: G10 material has insulation, corrosion resistance, wear

resistance K sheath (advantages: waterproof, fireproof, oil proof, drop resistant,

quick out, personalized, beautiful and practical)


Package includes: Knife + K Sheath



MASALONG knives pursue quality first and strive for excellence.

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