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MASALONG Kni171 Folding Knife Hunting Camping Blade Tactical Survival Rescue Tools High Quality Pocket Knives

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Future Soldier Damascus Steel Folding Knife

The new product adopts imported coreless Damascus steel with hardness up to 60+1 HRC, clear surface pattern, fine handicraft, excellent TC4 titanium alloy material for tool handle, with strict heat treatment process, taking into account both hardness and toughness. Good cutting performance, to meet the needs of daily use and outdoor knife. A trustworthy lifelong partner.


Blade: Imported Damascus

HRC: 60º±1º

Edge Thickness: 3.0mm

Surface: Mirror

Handle lining: 2.0mm stainless steel weight-reducing inner sheet

Handle: TC4 Titanium Alloy

Blade length: 76mm

Total length: 180mm

Weight: 91g

The package includes:  1×one masalong knife


Reminder :   

MASALONG knives pursue quality first and strive for excellence.Except for our shop, the related products sold by other sellers can not guarantee quality. If you find that someone else is selling fake goods, you can report it or ask for refund;if you need our trademark registration, please contact us.

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Customer Reviews

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Earl Cummerata

look the knife is mediocre, but it isn't bad at all. the "Damascus" might be Damascus, but if it is, it's really cheap metals used, like 7Cr combined with something else similarly weak and soft. in not saying it isn't worth owning, but for the price I wouldn't repeat the purchase. at maybe $50-60 max.

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