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MASALONG Kni73 Military Survival Hunting Karambit Knife Camping Pocket Knife D2 Steel 60HRC

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Product Description

Blade material: D2 Steel

Tool length: 14.7cm

Blade length: 5.4cm

Blade thickness: 0.8cm (Special)

Blade width: 2.0CM

Hardness: 60 ± 1HRC

Handle material: Mick green Tower

Heat treatment: vacuum + deep cryogenic treatment

Main features: cut, high strength and exceptional wear resistance of retention

This is a small karambit knife. This knife is not suitable for Large or fat hands.The width of three fingers is about 6cm.

One keel, the number on the back of the handle is a random number. In order to better maintain balance, the thickness of the other side of our finger ring has become thinner. This is a special design and is not a problem with the product.



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