About Karambit Knife - What You Want to Know

What is Karambit Knife?

The Karambit is a curved knife with a blade shaped like a tiger's claw. The curved design allows for its full cutting potential, and it can rip, tear and slice through hard objects with ease. Compared to a straight blade, it can approach its target more quickly and is able to attack objects at unconventional angles and in unconventional ways.


karambit knife for combat hunting fishing edc self defense

Typically, there is a safety ring at the end of the handle, and this ring is designed to prevent the knife from accidentally slipping out of the user's hand and causing injury. The safety ring provides strong, reliable support and keeps the Karambit in the best possible position for use, no matter what extreme conditions the user is in.

The Karambit is known as "the deadliest knife for hand-to-hand combat" because of its precise cutting and unique flexibility. It is now widely used for self-defense, everyday carry, close quarters combat or recreational use.

Where are Karambit Knives From?

The Karambit is known to have first appeared in Indonesia in the 11th century, more than 1,000 years ago. It was developed by the Minangkas of the West Sumatra region and was initially used as a farming tool and utility blade, a smaller variant of the Southeast Asian scythe.

Because of its powerful functions and uses, the Karambit was quickly spread to various countries in Southeast Asia. It has now become an iconic weapon in Southeast Asian martial arts and has been carried forward in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Burma.

How to Use Karambit?

Maybe you've seen Karambit players' professional performances where Karambit rings switch quickly between their different fingers, like notes dancing on piano keys. The cool and engaging movements have fascinated many young players with the skill of using it. But in reality, the Karambit is one of the very useful knives in everyday EDC. Mastering its basic grip is necessary for everyone who uses it, and you can easily achieve the desired function simply by changing the grip.

There are three common Karambit grips: the forward grip, the reverse grip and the extended grip, each with different variants. For different grips, they have different safety, operational characteristics and achievable functions and uses. Before you use it, you need to determine your purpose.

Grip Type

Forward Grip

Reverse Grip

Extended Grip


 karambit forward grip

 karambit reverse grip

 karambit extended grip


Very stable and easy to control, can accurately cut the target

 Karambit's classic grip, very flexible and maneuverable, can provide a stable and powerful grip

Very wide range of activities


Insufficient lethality and mobility

Lack of precision in movement

Lack of strength, stability and control

Applicable Scenarios

Daily activities or miscellaneous items such as cutting ropes, fabrics

Tactical, combative and self-defense

Suitable for a wide range of motion and stretching, such as applying upward force


If you are a beginner, please start practicing with its perfect replica ( Karambit Trainer) before buying a real Karambit knife. The blade of Karambit Trainer is not sharpened, even if you mess up while playing it, it will not hurt you.

karambit trainer for beginner
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